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Decrease wasted ad clicks with high-converting web copy | Consumer Goods/CPG Copywriter

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You don’t just want sales.
You want loyalty. You want fans.
You want customers who look for you even when your competitor is selling at half price!
The key to standing out in a sea of consumer goods?
A distinct voice and personality that turns YOUR brand into one that customers look for, and love…
While your competitors churn out pretty ads that tout feature after feature, you’ll make your customers sit up and say, “Hey! That’s talking to me!”
Before you know it, you’ll be towering over your competitors like a seven-foot basketball player at a kindergarten birthday party. At that point, they won’t even BE competitors anymore.
Get there with:
Compelling, high-converting web copy that makes buying your product the only logical option.
(How high? My own landing page has a 20.8% conversion rate 😮💥.)
– Competitor and market research
〰 Detailed brief + outline
💻 Unique and effective copy for your home, about, category and shopping cart pages.
👓 2 rounds of revisions
Product or Company Branding + Characterization
Get a distinctive voice & personality for your product or brand that consumers recognize and love.
* Voice of Customer research
〰 Company slogan/tagline
📣 Brand voice guide
💻 Home page website copy
😇 About page
Becoming a well-loved brand in 2020 IS possible. Even if you’re not Amazon or Nike.
When not pounding away at my keyboard, I can usually be found chasing bubbles with my kids, or devouring non-intellectual novels. But I always make time for profile-checker-outers!
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