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Position & Name Your Business (+ get persuasive copy)

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Want to become a recognized brand whose very name evokes powerful meaning for your target audience? That’s what I help you do.

Get the sale-clinching power of recognition, esteem, and respect on your side.

My Mad Brand Strategy process helps you capture the voice of your customer, package your secret sauce into ONE easy-to-understand and highly appealing core message, and project an identity that is both powerfully simple and simply powerful.

Working with me gives you:

+ the skill of a conversion copywriter (I’ve written ads that increased web traffic by 351%, and web copy that brought conversions to 11%).
+ scientific understanding of what drives human behavior (I have a degree in Behavioral Science) and have studied the research on the psychology of words and sounds.
+ authoritative knowledge of brand strategy (other copywriters come to me with their brand voice questions).

How it works:

– We start with a meeting or series of meetings to define your goals and identify your target audience.
– I conduct the research & develop a brand strategy to transform your business into a brand.
– You can start implementing the strategy right away as I collaborate with your design team and write copy for your marketing collateral.

What you get:
– A clear Brand Strategy Brief
– business name & tagline
– conversion web copy that gives you the online edge you need in an increasingly digital world
– copy for multiple channels, including your LinkedIn page, corporate brochure, ads & emails


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ProfitPro: Brand Strategy, Name Development & Web Copy

Business Express: Brand Strategy, Name Development & Ad Campaign

Business Express: Brand Strategy, Name Development & Ad Campaign

Embelle: Brand Strategy, Name Development & Web Copy

Embelle: Brand Strategy, Name Development & Web Copy


Shomrei Hadas Chapels: Web Copy

KLEE: Brand Strategy & Web Copy

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