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Brand Naming | Creating Magnetic Brand Names That Make Fans and Sell Products

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You may have a well-thought-out business plan.
Unlimited capital.
And the most positive market research that practically guarantees your success.

There is one investment that trumps all the others, one that has the potential to drive people away from you or act as a magnetic force that pulls people through your door in unlimited throngs.

And that is: your NAME.

Your name is going to be the single most communicated part of your marketing bunch, but unlike a print ad, you won’t be able to change it every other week.

I know marketing involves a lot more than naming.

But as Eli Altman said: Use your name to fit in, and you’ll spend your marketing budget trying to stand out.

After holding leading roles in the marketing and branding industry, I saw how woefully inadequate even the biggest companies are when it comes to naming. I was quite disturbed by the fact that the least amount of attention and time was allocated toward the central part of building a business’s prestige – after all, it’s all in a name!

And so, I adopted the naming + tagline part of marketing as my own, cozy niche. Because that’s what I do best; that’s what gets my adrenaline pumping and the gears of my creative mind turning at full speed.

Naming is a delicate art that is so complex, making even savvy, word-wise marketers run in the other direction when faced with this aspect of branding.
For good reason.

Naming involves digging deep into the brand’s unique identity and summing it up in a word or two that accurately reflects it. A tall order. And the tagline also has to be tight, punchy and all-encompassing – with a tiny word limit.

So, entrepreneur – go ahead and do whatever it takes to stand behind your name.

Allow me to have the privilege of digging deep into your brand to come up with a crowning name you’ll be proud to slip off your tongue when asked – What is your name?

GO FOR THE PRO – You won’t regret it!

Grab your chance to grow your business into a sought-after brand name!


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