Isaac Ostreicher, CPA PC

We are a boutique CPA office offering the ultimate experience of a high-end firm while remaining sensitive, local & adaptive to your personal & small business needs. Our founder, Isaac Ostreicher, is a Certified Accountant with a demonstrated history of success in the public accounting industry on Wall Street. Totally adrenalized about...

Jacob Schwartz

I'm a digital artist based in Brooklyn, I've worked with the biggest companies in our community such as RCCS, Centers Care, Hatzulah Williamsburg, Envision etc. Contact me for more details

Moshe Czapnik

People choose you because they like and trust you. If they don't know you exist, they cannot like or trust you. I personally have only been able to achieve things because people around me have decided that they liked and trusted me and have therefore helped me. Community is everything! On LinkedIn, I help build personal communities for business...

Shloimy Daskal

Welcome! I'm a website developer at At Webnatic we help businesses grow by creating a strategically designed website that can be your best salesman. When a website is designed and developed properly it can the most valuable asset for your business. We accomplish that by doing a deep dive into your business goals and researching...

Isaac Weisz

Packaging Designer at Mark Weisz Design

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