Independent Professional


Professional copy speaks directly to your clients. It appeals to their hearts and minds. It describes the services or products that can change their lives. You're a business professional who has what it takes to make your customers happy. Let me write copy to attract those customers.

Shalva Rosenberg

You need animated marketing content that will capture attention and get you the results you want: more attention and more clients. The last thing you need is to work hard on a video that doesn’t serve your brand well, doesn’t achieve your goals, and quickly disappears in the sea of digital content uploaded every day. You want your customers to ...

Chavi Altman

I design all kinds of materials for print and screen, for all your marketing and branding needs.

Sara Katz

Anyone can write copy, right? Maybe. But not everyone can write copy that works. That is, copy that draws your target audience and gets them to ACT. That’s what I do. I write POWERFUL copy that’s EFFECTIVE! COPY THAT GETS: ✔ the phones ringing ✔ the customers clicking ✔the products selling. How do I do that? ◼ I get to k...

Attractive Graph

At AttractiveGraph you will materialize your dreams, visualize your memories and successfully promote your merchandise! Our team is proficient in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, and are constantly honing their skills to meet clients' desires. Our compiled photo-books, newsletters, family collages, advertisements and logos attract thos...

Michal Shitrit

How do you go from 'someone in the crowd' to the brand everyone is talking about? It's in there, somewhere - that unique little nugget that could make your business stand out. All you have to do is dig deep and find it. I can give you the spade. I've had businesses come to me for help with a staggering variety of projects. Copywriting, UX writi...

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