How to post a project

How to post a project

To post a project you must first sign up as as an employer.

Once you signed up as an employer go to your dashboard by moving your mouse over your profile in the navigation and click on your name.

In your dashboard click on the Post a job button

Enter the required information

  • Job title
  • Project level: Do you need an experienced professional or you’d rather spend less?
  • Job duration: How long do you suppose this project should take?
  • Freelancer type: Do you prefer a lone freelancer or agency?
  • English level: If the freelancer’s English level will effect the project you may specify it here.
  • Project expiry date: Until when professionals may submit a proposal for this project.
  • Project deadline: When does this project have to be completed.
  • Select if you prefer a fixed price or an hourly rate for this project.
  • Add your estimated budget – your minimum and maximum price limit.
  • Choose if you would like this job to be paid at once or in installments.
  • Pick a job category.
  • If this job requires a specific language please specifiy.

Milestone payments: In a regular project the whole payment is required at once, when you outsource a larger project with a bigger budget choose the milestone payments option so that you should be able to divide the project in multiple payments.

Explain the job in greater detail to ensure that you get the best and most accurate quotes.

  • Select the skills required for this job.
  • Please note, it is very important to choose all related skills because the more skill you add, the more freelancers will be notified about your project.
  • If you have any relevant attachments upload them and choose your location.

Once you’re done, simply hit save and update and your project will be posted to all skilled professionals on Kleegr!


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