Making your brand pop with bubbly copywriting, UX writing, localization & web design

How do you go from ‘someone in the crowd’ to the brand everyone is talking about? It’s in there, somewhere – that unique little nugget…

Position & Name Your Business (+ get persuasive copy)
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Want to become a recognized brand whose very name evokes powerful meaning for your target audience? That’s what I help you do. Get the sale-clinching…

Strategic Copywriter - I'll write the words that will help you sell more.

Your website is your 24/7 salesman. Make sure it is saying the right things. Unlike your cousin who may be a brilliant creative writer, the…

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I need a professional voiceover script for a promotional video I’m working on

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Personal Branding Consultant & LinkedIn Community Builder

People choose you because they like and trust you. If they don’t know you exist, they cannot like or trust you. I personally have only…

Decrease wasted ad clicks with high-converting web copy | Consumer Goods/CPG Copywriter

You don’t just want sales. You want loyalty. You want fans. You want customers who look for you even when your competitor is selling at…

Conversion Copywriting with a VIP vibe
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Copywriting? Just DIY or whatever. -Every Competitor, ever

Breathe New Life into your Brand
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Get to the Sale with Coordinated Content, Email, and Social Media Marketing

It takes 5 to 7 touchpoints to close a sale. You can try sending 4 or 5 repetitive sales emails, rounded off with an annoying…

CopyTalk: Comprehensive Copy for Small and Midsize Businesses

You want your target market to know: – who you are – what you do, and – how they will benefit All within seconds. This…

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